The future of digital currency Tron TRX coin


TRX . coin

Tron coin TRX is the abbreviation for the digital currency Tron, which is based on blockchain technology and was established in March 2014 and Tron Foundation was established in Singapore in 2017. For him, this avoids the presence of an intermediary between them, such as Youtube or Netflix

Tron TRX coin origination

Tron was originally a token or token for ERC20 in this Ethereum network and because it was previously based on the Ethereum blockchain, but in 2018, specifically in June, Tron launched the Main Tron coin network, which means using the Tron blockchain instead of Ethereum, and in July 2018 Tron broke the news with its massive acquisition of Bit Torrent, a peer-to-peer file-sharing protocol for distributing files and data over the Internet, with more than one hundred million users in the same year. At the time, Tron, relying on this site, accounted for between 43% and 70% of the total Internet traffic.

Tron TRX coin idea

Tron is one of the good systems as it helps programmers in publishing their contents in a simple and easy way, in addition to being completely away from laws and pressure, and it also helps in earning money without the need for an intermediary, and that is why game developers benefit greatly if they use this system as they can publish Any game after they make modifications to it and develop it to their followers and fans for a fee.

One of the advantages of Tron is that it can solve the monopoly problem that many fear in an uncomplicated way, and where some major companies follow the monopoly system, so they prefer their account at the expense of the rest of the other companies, in order to get the largest financial return. It also supports many other digital currencies, and the basic idea of ​​this currency is to publish the information that individuals have to benefit from it, so it works in a new way that differs from the rest of the systems.

The future of digital currency Tron TRX

The Tronex currency is one of the newest currencies issued in the recent period, yet it has become one of the top 20 digital currencies in the world, and its daily trading volume is more than 3 million US dollars, and the number of its employees exceeds fifty thousand people worldwide.

It was able to attract the attention of many people to it because of its bright future, and its value has been weakened nearly twenty times since the beginning of 2018, and this matter has not happened before with any other digital currency, and many expected that this currency will enter the global stock exchange strongly And that could happen soon.

Tim Draper has established a lot of investment relationships with Justin Son, the founder of the Tron coin, and this will improve the future of that coin, because Tim Draper is one of the most famous investors. Twitter and Yahoo, based on the latest statements that have spread, but so far this matter has not been confirmed, and Justin Son is seeking to develop the programming of that company, regardless of the cost that it can reach to do this.

Bitcoin is growing faster than the Internet… How many Bitcoin users are expected to reach in 2025?

Although Bitcoin and the blockchain technology behind it have been around for more than a decade and have become one of the largest investment assets by market capitalization in the world today, new data confirms the narrative that Bitcoin is still in the early stages of adoption.
Bitcoin has only existed since 2009, but its expansion and adoption has increased exponentially in such a short time compared to the Internet.
Bitcoin is faster than the Internet:
The vast global network that connects computers around the world, known as the Internet, is one of the most important and valuable inventions of the twentieth century.
Although most people started using it in the 21st century, it wasn't invented until the 1960s.
Today it is difficult, if not impossible, to imagine a world without an Internet connection.
But the start of the Internet was a difficult and slow start, as the number of users lasted for nearly three decades to about 120 million users.
Recent data collected by famous crypto analyst Willy Woo shows that this is roughly the current Bitcoin user base.
Willie Wu cited data from the Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance and Glassnode and estimated that there are currently 135 million Bitcoin users.
When comparing Bitcoin to the Internet, we find that the number of users has reached 120 million in 12 years.
While it took the Internet 30 years to reach 120 million users.
He concluded that Bitcoin adoption is still early days, as Bitcoin is growing faster.
He predicted that if Bitcoin remained that way, it would reach its first billion users by 2025.
Interestingly enough, the Internet did so in 2005, almost four decades after its creation, while Bitcoin could do so in less than two decades if the prediction came true.
Bitcoin Still No. 1: While the user base, network activity, and coin price have doubled since the inception of Bitcoin, the main story is that Bitcoin is still in its infancy.
In terms of value, the market capitalization of Bitcoin, which is more than 600 billion dollars, is still far behind the most expensive companies in the world.
But Bitcoin is looking to gain a foothold in the future and compete in gold stocks, M2 stocks or global real estate on an institutional level.
Gemini co-founder Taylor Winklips said last year that Bitcoin betting is still in the first half of the game.
However, that role may soon come to an end as many institutional investors have recently stayed in the Bitcoin arena and started getting their share of the BTC pie.
Even Elon Musk, a former Bitcoin skeptic, lamented that he had not bought Bitcoin in years, predicting that the leading representatives of the central financial space were on the verge of death. Adoption of the first digital currency.
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