The Belgian club Brugge and Manchester City in the UEFA Champions League


Club Brugge hosts the Belgian club Manchester City. Led by the referee: Istvan Kovacs, at Jan Bridal Stadium, in the first leg of the third round of the Champions League, the match will be held with a specific audience, due to the Corona pandemic.

The starting lineup for Club Brugge, led by coach Philippe Clement:

Mignolet - Sobol - Hendry - Mata - Nsuki - Ritz - Ballanta - Vanaquin - Souh - Lange - De Ketiliari.

The starting lineup for Manchester City, led by coach Pep Guardiola:

Ederson - Cancelo - Laporte - Diaz - Walker - Rodri - De Bruyne - Silva - Grealish - Mahrez - Foden.

In the first leg of the third round of the Champions League, at Jan Bridal Stadium, Manchester City beat Club Brugge by five to one.

The 13th minute, continuous pressure from the Manchester City players on the defenses of Club Brugge in search of a first goal.

The 15th minute has passed, a quarter of an hour has passed from the events of the first half, and the negative tie is still in place so far.

In the 17th minute, Jack Grealish tried to pass into the Club Brugge penalty area on the left, but he kept the ball too long, and the defense extracted it.

The 20th minute cross from Manchester City's Joao Cancelo from the left did not find a follower of his team players inside the penalty area.

And in the 30th minute, Goul first in favor of the Manchester City team through Joao Cancelo, a forward pass from Foden to Joao Cancelo, who is wide in the penalty area, and he hits a falling ball from the top of goalkeeper Simon Mignolet, which dwelt in the middle of the net.

The 35th minute pass from Eduard Soboler, player of Club Brugge, from the left, was pushed away by the Manchester City defense to a corner from the left.

The 43rd minute, a second goal for Manchester City, through Riyad Mahrez from the penalty mark.

45th minute, the referee counted 3 minutes of added time.

The first half ended with Manchester City leading by two goals in return.

And in the 53rd minute, Gowool is third in favor of Manchester City through Kyle Walker, a shot from Kyle Walker from the right of the penalty area went to the far bottom right of the goal.

And in the 63rd minute, a free kick for Manchester City on the edge of the penalty area was carried out by Riyad Mahrez with a one-time shot that passed over the crossbar.

In the 69th minute, Goole is fourth in favor of Manchester City through Cole Palmer, a pass from Raheem Sterling on the edge of the penalty area and reached Cole Palmer, and the latter hit a wonderful ball that went to the far right of the goal.

In the 77th minute, Raheem Sterling passed to the left of the penalty area and then hit a powerful ball that was kept away by goalkeeper Simon Mignolet, then returned to him again and hit the ball, but it was in the outer net of the goal.

The 81st minute, Goole first in favor of Club Brugge through Hans Vanaken, a cross from Rod Former from the right, Hans Vanaken met with a shot from the border of the 6 yards area that went to the left of the goal.

The 85th minute goal was a fifth for Manchester City through Riyad Mahrez. Riyad Mahrez followed him with a powerful shot from the border of the 6 yards area to the left of the goal.

The 90th minute referee added four minutes as added time.

Minute 1 + 90

The match ended with Manchester City winning.

With this result, Manchester City raised its score to 6 points in first place, while Club Brugge's balance froze at 4 points in third place.

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