Zlatan Ibrahimovic return to the Milan list

Zlatan Ibrahimovic 2021

Coach Stefano Pioli included Hakan Chalanoglu and Zlatan Ibrahimovic in Milan's squad for this evening's Turin match.

The Turkish international suffered an ankle injury in front of Juventus on Wednesday and there were great chances that he was not even on the Rossoneri list for the Granata match this evening.

But the former Bayer Leverkusen star appears to have recovered from his injury and is part of the Diavolo squad that will face Turin.

The most important news remains the return of the expert striker Ibrahimovic, who was injured on 22 November in front of Napoli and has not entered the Pioli squad since then.

While Alexis Sailemakers, Matteo Gabia and Ismail Ben Nasser continue to be absent due to various infections, while Ante Repic and Radi Kronich are infected with the Coronavirus.
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