Sergio Ramos refuses to renew his contract with Real Madrid


Sergio Ramos 2021

The Spanish newspaper "Marca" reported that Sergio Ramos, the current Real Madrid defender and captain, had refused to renew his contract with El Merengue under the conditions set by the club's management.

Sergio Ramos' contract with his Real Madrid team will expire next summer, and so far he has not reached an agreement with the club's management regarding the renewal of his contract.

The Spanish star Sergio Ramos has the right to sign any other team for free, to join him next summer.

The newspaper pointed out that the Real Madrid administration had made an offer to Sergio Ramos to renew his contract for one season with the annual salary he is currently receiving.

But Sergio Ramos refused this offer because he wanted to renew his contract for more than one season, while Real Madrid wanted to renew the defender's contract season after season until the date for his retirement.

The newspaper pointed out that Sergio Ramos' current decision is to reject the offer made by Real Madrid, but this does not mean that he has made his final decision on leaving Merengue.

The newspaper added that despite the obstacles that stand in the way of renewing Sergio Ramos' contract, the 2015 and 2018 scenarios may be repeated, and the commander renews his contract with Marinji.

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