Premier League : the title candidates on the test

Premier League: the title candidates on the test

Having seen Manchester City and Liverpool crush the competition in recent years, the title race is more open than ever in England. Overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the top six in the standings.

Manchester United, leader by default?

On the hot seat in the heart of the autumn, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (again) managed to reverse the trend, and was able to forget the humiliation suffered against Tottenham (1-6) then the failure in the group stage of the Champions League to settle at the top of the Premier League in this month of January. If her training does not embody a strong identity, she always manages to raise her head - including during badly engaged meetings - and can count on her creative individualities to make people forget her few collective shortcomings. Series team, MU remains on nine successes and three draws in the Championship, conceded only one goal in its last four outings and was able to resist Manchester City (0-0) then Liverpool (0-0) to legitimize its place at the top. If they do not fall into their failures over too long a period, the Red Devils could therefore benefit from a season where irregularity is the norm - and where 80 points could be enough to win the bet - to dribble the competition.

Manchester City, wind in the back

For a long time this season, we wondered what Pep Guardiola was playing, who seemed more interested in the balance of his structure than in the ability of his protégés to create clear chances. But in recent weeks, without losing its solidity, City has (re) started to play fluidly in the opposing camp and suffered less from the absence of a finisher at the top. If the returns to form of Gabriel Jesus and Sergio Agüero are still expected to bring a hint of additional efficiency (Citizens' top scorer in the Championship, Raheem Sterling only totals 5 units), the Mancunians are still guided by the ultimate creator Kevin De Bruyne (already 10 assists in 16 appearances), and could turn in the lead halfway through the Championship, since they are two lengths behind their hated neighbor with one game less.

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