The result and the squad, the match between Bayern Munich and Lokomotiv Moscow in the Champions League matches

Bayern Munich and Lokomotiv Moscow

Bayern Munich will host its counterpart, the Russian Lokomotiv Moscow team, led by referee Sandro Scharer, at the Allianz Arena, as part of the two teams' matches in the sixth round of Group A of the Champions League competition, the match will be held without the presence of the masses due to the Corona pandemic.

The starting line-up for Bayern Munich led by coach Hans Flick:

Manuel Noir - Jerome Boateng - Niklas Sule - Bona Sarr - Alfonso Davis - Leon Goretska - Mark Roca - Douglas Costa - Leroy Sanet - Eric Maxime Chubu Moting - Thomas Muller.

The starting line-up for Lokomotiv, led by coach Marco Nikolic:

Guilermi Marinato - Vidran Korluka - Slobodan Raykovic - Machia Repos - Dmitry Zivoglyadov - Stanislav Magyev - Vladislav Ignatiev - Dmitriy Rybchynski - Anton Miranshuk - Eder Lopez - Fran├žois Camano.

In the sixth round of the Champions League competition, at the Allianz Arena, Bayern Munich defeated its guest Lokomotiv with two unanswered goals.

The first chance in the match came in the 29th minute through Douglas Costa, who fired a ball from the edge of the penalty area, but it went easy in the hands of goalkeeper Marinato.

In the 62nd minute, Niklas Sule scored the first goal for the Bavarian, after a corner kick by Douglas Costa, which reached him and hit him with his head in the net.

Bayern continued to rely on the crosses weapon, to raise Sani to one of them and face his head, but she diverged from the goal.

In the 80th minute, Moting scored the second goal for Bayern Munich, to score his first goal of the season in the Champions League with a powerful shot in the net.

With this result, Bayern Munich rose to 16 points, making it first, while Lokomotiv stuck at 3 points, making it fourth.

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