The result of the match between Netherlands and Bosnia and Herzegovina in the European Nations League matches


The Netherlands national team will host its counterpart Bosnia and Herzegovina today, 11-15-2020, on Sunday evening. Led by referee Fran├žois Letitzky, Johan Cruyff Arena, within the two teams' matches in the second leg of the fifth round of Group A1 in the European Nations League competition, the match will be held without the presence of the masses due to the Corona pandemic.

The starting line-up for the Netherlands team led by coach Frank de Boer:
Tim Kroll - Denzel Dumfries - Stefan de Vries - Daly Blend - Owen Wendel - Davey Classin - Giorgenho Weinaldum - Frenkie de Young - Stephen Bergius - Luke de Young - Memphis Depay.

The starting line-up for the Bosnia and Herzegovina national team led by coach Dusan Bayevic:
Ibrahim Cihic - Branimir Sebetek - Senisa Sanikanen - Siyad Kolasinak - Denis Hadzikadonich - Gojko Simrut - Miralem Pjanic - Rade Kronic - Aamer Jojak - Adin Veska - Armin Hodzic.

Final match result
The Netherlands national team won 3-1 for Bosnia and Herzegovina
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