The result and details Zamalek match and Al Raja Al Riyadi in the African Champions League

Al Raja Al Riyadi Zamalek African Champions League

Zamalek club in the African Champions League will host its counterpart, the Moroccan Raja team, today 4-11-2020, at 21:00 today, Wednesday, Egypt time, at Cairo Stadium, within the matches of the two teams in return. The semi-finals of the African Champions League and the match is held without the presence of the fans, and this is due to the Corona pandemic.

The result of the go ended with a goal without a response in favor of Zamalek.

The starting line-up for Egyptian club Zamalek, led by coach Pacheco:
Muhammad Abu Jabal - Ahmed Eid - Mahmoud Alaa - Mahmoud Hamdi - Abdullah Jumah - Tariq Hamid - Islam Jaber - Zizou - Ferjani Sassi - Bencharqi - Mustafa Muhammad.

The starting line-up for Moroccan club Raja led by coach Jamal Salami:
Muhammad Bouamira - Abdul Ilah Madkour - Badr Bannon - Sanad Al-Werfalli - Fabrice Najah - Omar Arjun - Zakaria Al-Wardi - Mohsen Metwally - Al-Hafizi - Sivan Rahimi - Ben Malango.

The beginning of the first half

Minute 1: The referee blows the start whistle.
The second minute: It is worth noting that Zamalek won the first leg with a score of 1-0, scored by Bencharki, and it is enough for the white team to tie the final.
Minute 4: A long pass from Raja, which was easily reached by Abu Jabal, the keeper of Zamalek.
Minute 5: A long ball, Zamalek, behind Raja's defenses, Mustafa Mohamed did not follow, and he went outside the stadium.
Minute 7: A long ball from the Raja player comes easily in the hand of Abu Jabal, the Zamalek goalkeeper.
Minute 8: Raja depends on long balls, but Zamalek's defense deals with these balls, led by Al-Wensh and Mahmoud Alaa.
Minute 9: A pass cut by Zamalek was hit by the Raja player, and Sufian Rahimi went out to the right of Abu Jabal outside the stadium.
Minute 10: Attack from Raja ... a cross from the right side inside the penalty area, directed by Abdullah Jumaa in front of the Raja player outside the stadium, the corner of Raja.
The 11th minute: An opportunity for Raja ... a corner kick for Raja, sent inside the penalty area, matched by the player Raja Sanad Al-Werfalli with a header that was deflected by Abu Jabal, and saved his goal from receiving a goal.
The 13th minute: a corner kick from Raja was sent into the penalty area and a header from Badr Bannon, but the Zamalek defense tightened its grip on the ball and it reached easily after that in the hand of Abu Jabal.
14th minute: Zamalek is relatively late in defense.
The fifteenth minute: 15 minutes have passed since the events of the first half and the result is still a negative draw between the two teams.
16th minute: Zamalek is trying to absorb the enthusiasm of Raja players.
The 17th minute: a long pass from behind Zamalek's defenses reaches Ben Malango, who falls into the penalty area.
The 18th minute: the mouse checks the last ball for Raja, in which Malango falls into the penalty area with the referee.
The 19 th minute: The referee signals to continue playing and Mahmoud Alaa calls the referee to warn the Raja striker.
Minute 20: The referee pays a yellow card to Abdullah Madkour, the player of Raja.
The 21st minute: A long ball for Zamalek inside the Raja penalty area, but the ball advances far in front of Mustafa Mohamed and reaches the hand of the Raja goalkeeper.
The 23rd minute: A cross from Mohsen Metwally, but it did not find follow-up from the Raja players.
The 24th minute: A shot from Zamalek ... a shot from Bencharki from outside the penalty area, the highest goal of the Raja goalkeeper went outside the stadium.
The 26th minute: Abu Jabal shone. Mohsen Metwally hits a ball from inside the penalty area that collided with a crane and changed its direction, but Abu Jabal deals with the ball in a wonderful way, saving his goal from a ball that was almost a goal of hope.
28th minute: A mistake in favor of Islam Jaber in the midfield.
The 30th minute: Attack by Zamalek ... cross from the left side via Abdullah Jumaa. A Zamalek player tried to catch up with her, but the ball went off the field with a throw-in for hope.
The 32nd minute: Raja controls the ball and Zamalek relies on closing spaces in a great way.
The 34th minute: Attack from Raja ... a cross from the right side of Raja inside the Zamalek penalty area, followed by Abdel Ilah Al Hafithi, but the ball goes outside the stadium and becomes a goal kick for Zamalek.
The 36th minute: Zamalek controls the ball and its players rotate balls in the middle of the pitch.
The 38th minute: Raja attacked after several short touches inside the penalty area, but Zamalekawi's defense blocked the ball.
The 40th minute: A counterattack reaches Sufian Rahimi, but he did not deal with it well under the pressure of Zamalek's defense.
The 41st minute: A ground shot .. Mohsen Metwally hit a ball from a distance and hit the hand of Zamalek goalkeeper Abu Jabal.
The 43rd minute: A mistake in favor of Sufyan Rahimi, the Raja player, next to a corner kick in front of Islam Jaber.
The 45th minute: The referee counts two minutes of lost time.

The end of the first half between Zamalek and Raja, with a negative draw between the two teams

beginning of the second half

47th minute: In your opinion, will Zamalek continue its organized defense while relying on counter-attacks, or will the white team initiate the attack in the second half?
The 48th minute: Gooooooooooooooooooooool, please ... Scored by Ben Malango
The 50th minute: An attack by Zamalek and a cross inside the penalty area, which the Raja defense took out outside the stadium, a corner for Zamalek.
The 51st minute: a corner for Zamalek, sent inside the penalty area, was directed by Ben Malango with a header outside the stadium, a throw-in for Zamalek.
The 53rd minute: A mistake in favor of Ben Malango and an objection from Mahmoud Alaa to demanding a handball against the Raja striker.
The 55th minute: Sassi's header ... Ahmed Eid's ball throwing, sent by Tawila into the penalty area, was met by Sassi with a header that was stopped by the Raja goalkeeper.
The 56th minute: Zamalek changes its style after its goal was hit by Raja.
The 57th minute: A cross from Abdullah Gomaa inside the penalty area, Raja, was stopped by the Raja defense.
The 60th minute: Another chance for Zamalek ... a new cross from Zizou inside the penalty area, which was met by Bencharki with a powerful shot that went above Raja's goal outside the stadium.
The 61st minute: Gooooooooooooooooooooooooool for Zamalek.
The 62nd minute: Zamalek is coming back ... and the goal came from a cross that was passed by Lassa, who shot it with his right, which was blocked by the Raja defense, then arrived at Bashriqi.
The 65th minute: Play is resumed again and Raja coach makes two substitutions at once.
The 66th minute: A shot by Mostafa Mohamed reaches an easy ground in the hands of the Raja goalkeeper.
The 67th minute: If the match ends with this result, Zamalek qualifies for the final match.
The 70th minute: Twenty minutes separate us from the end of the match .. Zamalek is tied against Raja, and this result guarantees him qualification for the final match.
The 74th minute: A cross from Zizou towards the goal of Raja was blocked by the goalkeeper.
78th minute: A mistake by Saleh Bencharki near the touchline.
The 79th minute: An objection from the Raja device to the referee.
The 80th minute: Ten minutes separate us from the end of the match .. Zamalek tied, so far, to reach the final of the tournament.
84th minute: Bencharki strikes a corner that the Raja defense will tackle.
The 85th minute: Second Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooool for Zamalek.
The 87th minute: A third for Zamalek
The 90th minute: Fourthly for Zamalek
The 90th minute: Zamelki's blast on the field.

The end of the meeting, the rise of Zamalek to the African final

Congratulations to Zamalek fans
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