The results and moments of the Inter Milan and Sassuolo match in the Italian League matches

Inter Milan and Sassuolo's match in the Italian League matches on 24-06-2020, where the match will be held at San Siro Stadium (Giuseppe Meazza) at 08:30 pm Saudi Arabia time led by referee Davide Massa and the match will be held behind closed doors without Mass attendance.
Sassuolo kidnapped a valuable tie against his host Inter Milan, by a score (3-3), during their match today, Wednesday, at the Giuseppe Meazza stadium, in the context of the 27th round of the Italian League.

Sassuolo's goals were scored by Francesco Caputo, Domenico Berardi and Jiangiacomo Magnani, in the minutes (4, 81 and 88).

Meanwhile, Romelu Lukaku's "Inter Penalty" scored by Cristiano Beraji and Borja Valero in the minutes (41, 46 and 85).

With this tie, Inter Milan raised its score to 58 points in third place, to continue to move away from the leaders Juventus (66 points), while Sassuolo increased its score to 33 points in 12th place.

Sassuolo started the match powerfully, and in the 4th minute he managed to score the goal through Kabuto, after a foul mistake by Inter defender Ranukia, who left his place, to send Goricic a decisive pass to Kabuto, so I put it in the net.

Sanchez missed an opportunity to adjust the score, after he rose and met a cross by Beraji from the left with a strong header that passed near the right post of Conselli.

With a free kick at the borders of the Sassuolo penalty area, Beraji almost equalized for Inter after a ball between him and Sanchez, which ended in a shot by Beraji in the goal, to goalkeeper Konsele with a fist in the corner, in the 15th minute.

Inter got a penalty kick after Skrnyar was blocked in the area by Puja, and Lukaku managed to turn it into a equalizer in the 41st minute.

In the first minute of stoppage time, Inter managed to score the second goal, after a magic pass from inside the area from Sanchez to Beraji who penetrated and fired a powerful ball into the net.

With the start of the second half, Biraghi continued his brilliance in free-kicks towards the goal, and in the 48th minute, he fired a free kick with his left foot a missile towards the goal, in which Sassuolo's goalkeeper, who drove the ball away to a corner.

Two minutes later, Galliardini tried to score from a powerful shot outside the penalty area, which Conselli had hardly pushed her into a new corner.

Galliardini missed an opportunity to double the result to Inter with awkwardness, after Sassuolo's goalkeeper saved Lukako's shot, bouncing back to Galliardini inside the penalty area in front of the empty goal, to hit the ball in the crossbar.

Berardi managed to equal the score to Sassuolo, in the 81st minute, with a penalty kick, after Ashley Young insisted that he had committed a foul inside his team's penalty area, through which Berardi had succeeded in scoring the second goal of the guests.

Lukaku scored Inter's third goal in the 84th minute, but the referee's decision was canceled due to offside.

In the 85th minute, Borja Valero succeeded in adding the third goal for Inter Milan, after a free kick that Candriva carried out directly into the goal, to be touched by Borja and confirming her entering the net.

Amid massive defensive mistakes from Inter players, Magnani managed to score the killer equalizer for Sassuolo in the 88th minute, after taking advantage of a cross pass from Inter players to find Magnani alone in front of goal and home to the net.

In the 93rd minute, Inter defender Skrnyar received his second yellow card in the match, earning the red card and adding to Inter's suffering.
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