The result of the Liverpool and Crystal Palace match in the English Premier League matches.

Liverpool and Crystal match in the English Premier League matches on 24-06-2020, where the match will take place at Anfield Stadium at 10:15 pm Saudi Arabia time led by referee Martin Atkinson and the match will be held behind closed doors without a public attendance.

Minute 1 start of the game.

Minute 10 The first ten minutes of the first half pass, amid clear control and domination by Liverpool.

The 11th minute, play now stops due to the injury of Crystal Palace player Wilfred Zaha without any interference

After 12 minutes, it seems that Zaha will not complete the match.

The 14th minute has already changed the first emergency for Crystal Palace with the departure of Zaha and the demise of the German Max Mayer.

Firmino's 16th minute passes a shot, but is easy and weak in the hands of goalkeeper Hennessy.

20 minutes, Goole, the first goal of the Liverpool team from a direct free kick by Arnold, was able to score brilliantly.

The 28th minute strong kick from Henderson bounces from the post.

34 minutes to Liverpool players demanding a penalty kick after Cahill touched the ball with his hand.

Minute 41 Max Mayer hits a powerful ball from outside the penalty area, but passes next to the post.

Minute 43 Joule, the second goal of Liverpool by Egyptian star Fakhr El-Arab Mohamed Salah, after a superb pass from Fabinio.

The 45th minute Atkinson adds two minutes as a stoppage time.

Minute 45 + 2 whistle the end of the first half, Liverpool advanced with two clean goals.

45 minutes, the beginning of the second half.

57th minute, Gowell, the third goal of the Reds from Fabienho .. A missile strike that does not stop or respond from outside the penalty area lives in the Hennessy net.

62nd minute Mohamed Salah shoots a great ball from outside the penalty area. It passes next to the right post of Hennessy, who just watches it.

The 64th minute, the first substitution for Liverpool, with captain Henderson leaving Chamberlain.

65th minute a missile shot from Chamberlain, but passes by peacefully against Crystal.

The 66th minute, two exchanges at once, for Crystal Palace, with MacArthur's exit, Reddywald's exit, Kouyate's exit, and Milevujevic's exit.

The 69th minute, the fourth round of Mane’s share, after a wonderful pass from Mohamed Salah .. The Senegalese singled out Hennessy and fired it ably in the far corner to announce Liverpool's progress in the quartet.

The 74th minute has two exchanges for Liverpool with Fermino exiting, Takumi Minamino exiting, Arnold exit and Nico Williams exiting.

80 minutes, there is still an overwhelming desire from Liverpool players to score the fifth goal!

84 minutes, two Reds switch Mane exit and Napi Keita exit, Robertson exit and Harvey Elliott exit.

The 84th minute, a substitution for Crystal Palace at the exit of Jordan Ayew and Brandon Berek.

The 87th minute of the acquisition is still in favor of Liverpool by 75% compared to 25% for Crystal Palace.

The 90th minute, Awww. Awww. Salah misses an opportunity to register, very strange!

The 90th minute referee adds 3 minutes of lost time.

The end of the match for Liverpool with a large result
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