Chelsea and Manchester City match in the English Premier League

Chelsea and Manchester City match in the English Premier League matches on 25-06-2020, where the match will take place at Stamford Bridge completely at 10:15 pm Saudi Arabia time led by referee Stuart Atwell and the match will be held behind closed doors without a public attendance

The beginning of the meeting.

The 9th minute, the most dangerous opportunity in the match, a dangerous cross from Sterling, kept Kiba away from the Manchester City attackers inside the Six Zone.

19th minute, Manchester City is the best party in the match in possession, passing and controlling the ball, its players pass the ball from foot to foot in a smooth and smooth way, but there is no breakthrough or a start with the goal of launching an attack on Kiba .. The match is still free of dangerous opportunities for the goals.

24 minutes time out!

The 32nd minute double opportunity missed on Chelsea ... very dangerous !! Willian passes a cross pass on the left corridor of Ross Barclay, who distributed it across to Polisic, who failed to divert it from inside the six yard area into the net.

Minute 33 Ederson Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson saves a strong header in the right corner of defender Christensen to perform the offensive role in a corner kick for Chelsea .. almost a goal .. perfect pressure for the blues in these moments ..

Minute 33 Manchester City returns to possession of the ball only .. without any threat !!

35th minute Kevin de Bruyne sends a beautiful cross that Chelsea's defense deepens.

36th minute, Goowol Chelsea score the first goal by Pulisic after taking advantage of a disastrous defensive error from Benjamin Mindy and Elkay Gundogan on the midfield circle.

The 37th minute of a very stupid and naive dash of Manchester City players while De Bruyne performed the free kick.

39th minute minute yellow card for Chelsea player Marcus Alonso.

The 45th minute whistle at the end of the first half, Chelsea progressed 1-0 ..

The 45th minute, the beginning of the second half.

46 minutes, there is no change in the ranks of both teams.

Minute 49 A strange fall for Chelsea defender Christensen ... A Chelsea doctor is treating him now and trying to test it, is it a concussion or what ?!

55 minutes Guardiola resort to the bench, pushing the duo David Silva and Gabriel Jesus, instead of Bernardo Silva and Roderi.

The 55th minute of Joule ... de Bruyne scores the equalizer for Manchester City with a beautiful curved shot following a free kick directly into the right foot, passing over the human wall to embrace the right scissors.

The 63rd minute is a fatal passing error from Ederson to his fellow defenders. The ball is cut from Polisic on the edge of the penalty area, penetrates from the left side into the area and shoots left in the external net of the goal .. What an opportunity!

67 minutes time out!

71st minute Polisic dribbles Ederson and kicks into the empty net, but the City Kyle Walker player who drove the ball away from the goal line at the last minute ..

The 72nd minute new snapshot tells you that Chelsea are in trouble in this match

74 minutes, a second change in the ranks of Chelsea Benzol Kovacic instead of Barclay in the midfield.

The 74th minute a fourth change in the ranks of Manchester City with Nicolae Otamendi coming in instead of Laporte, replacing a defender with a cannon.

The 75th minute for a referee awarded a penalty for Chelsea after a clear hand-touch by Fernandinho on the line !!

Minute 76 direct red card to Fernandinho!

The 77th minute of Goole ... Chelsea's second goal by Willian.

The 84th minute of the match made it very difficult for Manchester City now ..

The 90th minute of Chelsea's fourth change to the descent of Gilmore instead of the match's star, Policic.

The 91st minute, Pedro replaces Mason Mont in the Chelsea squad.

93 minutes after the end of the match, Chelsea won ..

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